TI 99/4A  
Adventure Scott Adams PHM 3041 C X X X X
Alien Addition 1982 DLM PHM 3115 U X X X LOOSE
Alligator Mix DLM PHM 3114 U X X X LOOSE
Alpiner 82  TI PHM 3056 1 X X X X
A-MAZE-ING 81  TI PHM 3030 1 X X X X
Blasto 81  Milton Bradley PHM 3032 1 X X X X
Burgertime 83  Data East PHM 3233 2 X X X X
Car Wars 81  TI PHM 3054 1 X X X X 1 EUR / 1 US  / 2 LOOSE
Chisholm Trail 82  TI PHM 3110 1 X X X X
Defender 83  Atarisoft RX 8506 2 X X X X MINT
Dragon Mix DLM PHM 3117 U X X X LOOSE
Early Learning Fun 1982 Texas Instruments PHM 3002 C X X X LOOSE
Extended Basic International TI Releases PHM 3026 R X X X LOOSE The cartridges mentioned here are the ones that TI produced with black labels that were released for countries outside the U.S.
Extended Basic (v100) Texas Instruments PHM 3026 U X X X LOOSE
Household Budget Management 1979 Texas Instruments PHM 3007 C X X X LOOSE
Hunt The Wumpus 81  TI PHM 3023 1 X X X X
Investment Analysis   (Securities Analysis) Texas Instruments PHM 3012 UR X X X X
Jawbreaker II 83  Sierra On-Line PHM 3194 2 X X LOOSE
Jungle Hunt 84  Atarisoft RX 8528 4 X X X X MINT
Le Basic Par Soi Meme 1982 Texas Instruments PHT 6067/FR X X X LOOSE
Line By Line Assembleur PHT-6071 X X LOOSE
M*A*S*H 83  Fox Videogames PHM 3158 3 X X X LOOSE
Mini Memory Texas Instruments PHM 3058 C X X LOOSE
Mission Impossible 1982 Texas Instruments PHT-6047 X X X X
Moonsweeper 83  Imagic PHM 3224 5 X X LOOSE
Multiplication Milliken Publishing PHM 3092 C X X X LOOSE
Munchman 82  TI PHM 3057 1 X X X X +1 LOOSE
Music Skills Trainer 1980 Texas Instruments PHT 6009 X X LOOSE
Mystery Melody 1980 Texas Instruments PHT 6010 X X LOOSE
Othello 82  CBS Electonics PHM 3067 1 X X LOOSE
Parsec 82  TI PHM 3112 1 X X X X + 2 LOOSE
Personal Real Estate Texas Instruments PHM 3022 C X X X X
Pirate Adventure 1981 Texas Instruments PHT-6043 X X X X  With cartride Adventure !
Pole Position 84  Atarisoft RX 8534 4 X X LOOSE
Protector II 83  Atarisoft RX 8516 2 X X X X MINT
Saturday Night Bingo 1980 Texas Instruments PHT 6025 X X LOOSE
Star Trek: SOS 83  Sega PHM 3225 2 X X X X
Sun Games Epsilon software X X X
Teach Yourself BASIC 1980 Texas Instruments PHT 6007 X X X LOOSE
Terminal Emulator II Texas Instruments PHM 3035 C X X X X
The Attack 81  Milton Bradley PHM 3031 1 X X X X
TI Invaders 81  TI PHM 3053 1 X X X LOOSE
Tombstone City: 21st Century 81  TI PHM 3052 1 X X X LOOSE
Video Chess 79  TI PHM 3008 1 X X X X
Zero Zap 80  Milton Bradley PHM 3036 1 X X X X