VECTREX Anti Buzz Mod
& Repair Power Switch

Do you need :
- wires
- Shielded cables
For AntiBuzz mod :
LM386 module
For Repair Power Switch :
Rotary Switch Potentiometer 10K
DPST(Double Pole Single Throw)

Disassemble the vectrex and take out the logic board

Logic Board with dust :(

After Cleaning ;)

Desoldering R1 on LM386 module

Desoldering old power switch from logic board

New power switch

Cut and adapt for cap

Soldering wires for LM386 module

Soldering new power switch

Installing logic board and power switch

Fix power switch with the nut

Fix LM386 module with glue or other fixing

Tada Vectrex Start and no parasite sound  :)

Before Anti buzz mod :

How To Anti Buzz Mod :

New: add headphone jack  (click picture for détail)