How To Write real Floppy 3"1/2 On USB Drive In Win10

You need :
- Virtual Box
- Windows XP installed on virtual machine in Virtual Box.
- Service pack 3 recommanded for XP.
- USB support installed on virtual machine.
- USB floppy drive connected physicaly on PC.
- Floppy HD.
- VFIC (download).
- DiskImage (download).

In first step launch Virtual Box and XP virtual machine.
Connect USB floppy drive on PC.

Click on USB icone in Virtual box interface (windowed mode).
and select Floppy drive .

next format floppy with this command :
FORMAT A: /A:1024 /T:77 /N:8 /U

next convert image disk to XDF format if necessary with
Virtual Floppy Image Converter.

And finally use Disk Image 1.3b to write image to floppy.

FORMAT A: /A:1024 /T:77 /N:8 /U
And drag & drop image disk to convert to XDF

Select FD mode 1.25M not 1.44M
and click on HD -> FD and select  file to write image